Message from the Band

We’ve been creating…

Hi there!

We’re a band called City on the Hill, and we’ve spent the past couple of years writing and arranging songs for what will one day be our debut record.

Introducing the band, we’ve got Paul on lead vocals/keys, Billy on bass, Guy on drums/percussion and John on guitar/backing vocals. Our sound is probably best described as alt rock with influences from electronica through to folk.

There is always an organic depth to our music, even in our most electronic tracks, which gives a rawness that we love. This is reflected in the name of the band, City on the Hill. We are all about storytelling and feel, and we like to explore the places where light meets dark or where there is a conflict of emotions, as we feel those are often the most interesting stories to tell.

And while we may take our time creating, we’re really looking forward to sharing our music with you before long.

If you feel this could rock your world, give our Facebook page a like, settle in and watch this space.

We’ll be seeing you x

~ Paul, Billy, Guy & John

‘A city on a hill cannot be hidden’
Matthew 5.14